Selena Ling 凌子涵

I am a second year PhD student at University of Toronto's DGP advised by Alec Jacobson. Before I obtained my MS in Computer Science at Brown University while I worked with James Tompkin and Daniel Ritchie and spent my undergraduate years at Middlebury College in Vermont. I interned with Kevin Matzen and Julien Philip at Adobe Research, Seattle during 2023 summer. My research is also supported by DSI PhD Fellowship.

Besides research, I helped organizing Toronto Geometry Colloquium and the first Toronto Geometry and Architecture Workshop.

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I am interested in computational techniques in geometry processing, computer graphics and computer vision that can help with artistic creations.

VectorAdam for Rotation Equivariant Geometry Optimization
Selena Ling, Nicholas Sharp, Alec Jacobson,
NeurIPS, 2022  
project page / github / arXiv
MatryODShka: Real-time 6DoF Video View Synthesis using Multi-Sphere Images
Benjamin Attal, Selena Ling, Aaron Gokaslan, Christian Richardt, James Tompkin,
ECCV, 2020   (Oral Presentation)
project page / arXiv
Roominoes: Generating Novel 3D Floor Plans From Existing 3D Rooms
Kai Wang, Xianghao Xu, Leon Lei, Natalie Lindsay, Selena Ling, Angel X. Chang, Manolis Savva, Daniel Ritchie
SGP, 2021
cs188 Teaching Assistant, CSCI1230 Intro to Computer Graphics Fall 2020

Teaching Assistant, CSCI1430 Intro to Computer Vision Spring 2021

I wrote my undergraduate mathematics thesis investigating Coefficient Formula while advised by John Schmitt. I also participated in a few architecture design projects and an animation film production.

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